In fact, I’m not doing very well in the fight

but a lot of people around me are really doing super well. Especially when doing business around them, they can really say that they are striving for all the opportunities that can be won, not to say that they are tired and not tired.

But it’s also their personality. Their life is really happier and more successful than ours.

A friend has been depressed recently. Why? She once went to her boyfriend’s dormitory and saw a girl smiling intimately at her boyfriend’s. So this girl ran home. No matter what his boyfriend explained, she had to break up.

Why, said the girl, the heart is like a diamond, once there is a crack, it will never be that complete heart.

Maybe she had seen Eileen Chang more, and I really couldn’t refute a lot of her explanation.

Everyone pursues different, I have always said true love, I think there is true love, but there is no perfect love.

For example, a friend, she left immediately, her boyfriend must be depressed, her boyfriend’s friend must be depressed.

And, even if it’s a true junior, it’s the third one. It’s not hers.

But she’s smarter and she reads my words more often. She says, You don’t mean flowers come from butterflies. Since a person can not rest assured that he was 100%, did not see her as all important, then why not find their own love?

I say, you should try hard to win, everything should be fought for.

Otherwise maybe your next start is 100% love you, after a while, she was won by other women.

And you can only wait for the next loss.

Sometimes I think, flowers and butterflies come from, in fact, I say more is the foundation, said is the internal, because the foundation is good, internal good, everything else is relatively simple. But it’s really not nothing to do and nothing.

To strive for, really must strive to strive for, and not a little thing to give up.

For example, an apple, we can’t break a little, and throw the whole box.

For example, a tree, we can never let them grow, not water them for them.