Do you know the 8 advantages of bamboo tableware?

The material of bamboo tableware:

Bamboo tableware mostly through the use of bamboo knife can be used as a material, the use of a fresh bamboo concoction molding, molding after drying for architectural decoration, production technology process is simple and convenient operation, practicality is very strong, beautiful appearance, affordable and good use. Many of our older generation of the population is also very fond of learning the process of using a variety of bamboo and wood tableware, good toughness, not easy to mold end of the characteristics of bamboo and wood tableware is easy to preserve. Natural fragrance makes a person’s appetite when dining, mood change for the better. The use of time will not have an unpleasant smell of burnt, can effectively improve the quality of the air environment in the student kitchen.

1. Heat preservation

Due to the poor permeability of bamboo.

2. Environmental protection

Bamboo tableware is strong and not easily deformed. Therefore, bamboo tableware can be reused many times and is very environmentally friendly.


Bamboo tableware is cheaper and can be purchased in large quantities at an affordable and convenient price.

4. Safe and healthy

Bamboo tableware is non-toxic and harmless to human body, no side effects. It is suitable for restaurants, canteens and other large catering groups, with safe and reliable quality.

5. Exquisite appearance

Bamboo wood plasticity, can be carved into a variety of different shapes with the encounter, do children for tableware can be more timely received by other children’s favorite.

6. Heat-resistant performance is good

Many times, bamboo and wood than other materials more heat-resistant, heat does not produce toxic substances, will not cause harm to the human body.

7. Great collection value

Many bamboo and tableware have bright natural colors that can be collected and played with, and are favored by many wood art lovers.

8. Durable

Bamboo and wood tableware is more durable compared to traditional ceramic and glass tableware by being dropped and used for a longer working life time. Bamboo and wood tableware is indeed the most popular tableware among various kinds of tableware.

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